A Steamy Netflix Original


Cinematic Media recently completed delivery of the second season of the Netflix political drama Ingobernable. The studio provided color grading and finishing services for 12 episodes of the series, which stars Kate del Castillo as a fictional First Lady of Mexico who becomes a fugitive after being accused of her husband’s murder.

Dubbed Netflix’s “steamiest international drama,” Ingobernable debuted last year to critical acclaim and quickly won a devoted following for a plotline filled with violence, femme fatales and revolutionaries. It’s one of several original series that the network is producing in Mexico.

Cinematic Media senior colorist Ana Montaño applied the final color grade, employing Da Vinci Resolve in the studio’s digital intermediate theater. Cyntia Navarro was post production supervisor. “Our approach toward post is different from what has traditionally been done in Mexico,” says Navarro. “We have a workflow that is designed specifically for television. We work with the show runners, directors and DPs beginning in pre-production to ensure the project proceeds smoothly from the set through post-production. The process is faster and the results are much better.”

Natalia Alesker