Sohonet Connects Cinematic Media to the World


Cinematic Media has become the first post-production facility in Mexico to join the Sohonet Media Network, the world’s largest, private network for media and entertainment. The service facilitates the transfer of large files to studios, distributors, production companies and others around the world, quickly and securely. It makes it easy to share media and collaborate in real-time with production partners around the globe, while avoiding the bandwidth limitations and piracy risks of the public internet.

In a global media market, fast, predictable connectivity is essential. “We are working with production partners across the globe,” says Cinematic Media CEO Scot Evans. “A production may be shooting in Mexico, while the studio is in Los Angeles and visual effects work is being done in Canada. We need to share data with all those parties as fast or faster than we can send a drive across town. Deadlines becoming ever tighter and overnight delivery is no longer good enough.”

Evans adds that he sees Sohonet service as a creative tool. “We use it to conduct supervised sessions,” he explains. “A DP or a colorist in New York can oversee color work being conducted in our DI theatre as if he or she were in the same room. It eliminates geographic barriers and allows us to tap into the global talent pool.”

With the television industry rapidly moving to ultra-high-resolution formats, the need to move files rapidly and predictably will only increase. “Cinematic Media was purpose-built for theatrical and television post-production; our internal pipeline is fast, flexible and robust,” says Evans. “Sohonet extends that out to the world market. It’s a critical to our mission.”

Natalia Alesker